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As a women that works in a field that requires me to work on the road 5 days a week 40 hours a week, and sometimes more, its very hard sometimes to use the bathroom when on the road, especially with the virus going around, most businesses are not allowing their customer's use the bathroom, AND during winter operations, some places are closed.

if someone is working 20 to 45 minutes from their yard, it could be time consuming to get to the bathroom if you are on an important job that requires safety and you cant leave , makes it hard to have to hold it that long, and even harder when a female is going through her cycle, they need access to a bathroom at all times.

its not as easy as a male to go to the bathroom.

I watched this show uncover boss for waste management that had a lot of female's in the field where they drove the truck, the CEO ended up putting portable toilets in the cab of the truck that pulls out , that if they ever needed to use it they had access to it, and the employee would have to dump it at the end of their shift into a toilet and clean and sanitize it and put it back, and the CEO even bought some portable ones that each female employee would have to bring on their own, so they had their own personal one that they would be able to use in the truck.

so my idea is , if the dot can look into something like this to make more access to bathrooms, not only for women but for all employees that work in a field that isn't the office and more on the road, like out wonderful road crew.



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