American Dream Mall and Meadowlands Sports Complex Travel Study In Reserve

The Meadowlands Sports Complex and American Dream Mall are two major entertainment and employment centers in Northern New Jersey. Located in East Rutherford, this combined complex is the location of MetLife Stadium, the Meadowlands Racetrack, and the newly opened American Dream Mall. As such, it is an area where multiple individuals with disparate interests come together from the entire New York Metropolitan Area and beyond. This includes occasional visitors for concerts or a trip to Big Snow at American Dream, more frequent visitors like season ticket holders for sporting events, as well as all of the employees who work in the area.


As the Meadowlands Complex draws from an exceptionally large geographic area, it is important to understand why and how individuals travel to the area, and to stratify that data by their trip purpose, trip frequency and size of their travel party as each of these aspects may factor into their decision-making process. This research project proposes a series of surveys of visitors and employees of the American Dream Mall and the Meadowlands Sports Complex during different types of events. The purpose of the surveys is to better understand the decision-making process for choosing a specific mode of access and exit along with their trip purpose, frequency and travel party size and demographic information.

Idea Submitted by Susan O'Donnell, Senior Director Business Analysis and Research

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The benefits of understanding how employees, occasional, and more frequent visitors decide how to travel to the Meadowlands Sports Complex and American Dream Mall are significant. As a large and diverse regional attraction, the combined Meadowlands Complex has a major effect on the entire regional transportation network, placing strains on the highway system as well as all forms of public transit. By collecting data on the decision-making process for how visitors travel to the combined complex, transportation-oriented agencies in New Jersey can uncover deficiencies in the network and work collaboratively to uncover solutions to transportation problems. This, in turn, could lead to increased economic growth, a reduction in automobile congestion, an increase in environmental quality, and a rationalized transit system that is better suited to the needs of all travelers.

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