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Automated Variable Speed Limit Systems In Reserve

Variable Speed Limit (VSL) systems have grown in use across the United States in a number of states including New Jersey, Utah, Florida, Georgia, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington, according to a study by the FHWA. A VSL system can be used to manage maximum and minimum speeds based on congestion, weather conditions, accidents, and ongoing construction.In New Jersey, VSL systems are currently used on the New Jersey Turnpike primarily for congestion and weather, and operated manually, according to a 2017 FHWA report "Synthesis of Variable Speed Limit Signs". The system was previously automatic, until issues were encountered with maintenance on the cooper inductive loops during paving. In the synthesis report, a number of states are listed as operating automated or hybrid systems, which are reported to have several benefits towards cost, personnel resources, and system operations.

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Why is this a priority and what are the benefits for the State/County/City?

It would be a great benefit for New Jersey to look into the implementation and operation practices currently being used by some of the states that have automated systems, including Washington, Oregon, and Virginia. Should the state be interested in shifting from a manual system to hybrid or automated and/or expanding the use of VSL systems on other roads that have high rates of incidents during inclement weather, study and information gathering from these states could be of a great benefit.


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