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Benchmarking Bridge Deck Deterioration with Advanced Infrastructure Materials In Reserve

Deterioration of bridge decks and other components results in costly maintenance preservation, increased traffic, and reduced service life. Federal, state, and local transportation agencies have increasingly been deploying advanced infrastructure materials, such as MMFX reinforcing steel, ultra high-performance concrete (UHPC), and stainless steel reinforcement, among others, to improve the long-term durability of bridge components. While many studies have shown improved durability performance, questions remain on how these materials would perform in New Jersey’s environmental and service loading conditions. The proposed project would seek to (1) establish the long-term durability performance (e.g., corrosion resistance, freeze-thaw, sulfate attack, etc.) of bridge deck components using a range of emerging infrastructure materials through experimental and numerical investigations; (2) compare the performance of the emerging materials to traditional designed bridge components using today’s standard practices; (3) benchmark the life-cycle cost of the materials and systems investigated for future infrastructure maintenance and project planning in the State of New Jersey; and (4) create recommendations for implementation of life-cycle cost-effective advanced infrastructure materials in bridge decks and other components.


Archive: 2017 Ideas
Archive: 2017 Ideas
Idea No. 49