Better Understanding how Women and Children Travel using NJ TRANSIT In Reserve

According to the National Household Travel Survey, women account for 55% of transit riders in the US. LA Metro's "Understanding How Women Travel" study found that women use the Metro system more. Women are a larger portion of the population. Women have different travel patterns than men and have different commute demands. Similar research by Transport for London's series of reports "Understanding the Travel Needs of London's Diverse Communities" identified differences in trip making by gender including more and shorter trips, often with children and packages, as well as personal safety concerns. The NYU's Rudin Center's "The Pink Tax on Transportation" report found that women in New York City spend an average $26 to $50 extra on transportation per month for safety reasons, and more if they are their family's main caregiver. The study also suggests that women's experiences on transit have led them to make different transportation choices than men.


These studies get to the core finding that women have a disproportionate burden of the household's transport needs while at the same time having more limited access to available means of transport. Their relative need for transportation and difficulties encountered in transit use may vary across changes in the woman's age, employment, and family responsibilities.


Using data from NJ TRANSIT's twice-yearly customer satisfaction surveys and from other travel surveys NJ Transit has collected, additional in-depth research should be conducted to better understand how women and children travel on NJ TRANSIT's various modes of service and the decision making that goes into how they travel. The existing data research should be supplemented with traveler interviews and innovative new data sources like ethnography of transit customers and research on studies conducted by other Transit Agencies, like LA Metro, and Transport for London and how they have implemented the findings.

Idea Submitted by Susan O'Donnell, Senior Director Business Analysis and Research

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Idea Champion - Who at NJDOT, NJ Transit or NJ Motor Vehicle? (if known) Jeannie Kwon, Senior Vice President & Susan O'Donnell, Senior Director NJ TRANSIT

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Having access to specific research data that accurately reflects how women and children travel, their decision-making process, and travel concerns, at different points in their age, family responsibilities, and employment status, will allow NJ TRANSIT to consider this data for the planning, design and operation of our system and to develop more effective, integrated solutions to address the needs of current and potential future women and children riders.

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