Multi-Modal System Components and Users

Comprehensive Study of Newark Light Rail Transit

There are three Light Rail Transit (LRT) systems in New Jersey: Hudson Bergen, Riverline and Newark. During the past decades or so, various studies on ridership, economic and TOD issues have taken places along HBLRT and Riverline while the oldest LRT in New Jersey, Newark Subway, has been chugging along without much systematic evaluation. Given the newly reinvigorated interests and revitalization effort in the City of Newark, it is time to perform a comprehensive evaluation of the Newark LRT and its impact along the corridors as well as the city

The study will gather the state of research and practices on LRT and its impact/interaction with surrounding communities around world. After a through inventory of transportation supplies, demographical and social economic status of users and residents, and land use and urban development conditions along the corridor, the researchers will bench mark the Newark LRT in comparison with other systems. The study may survey riders to obtain the true identify of LRT users, factors that made them chose LRT services, and their expectations of good LRT Service

The study may also exam and identify critical elements that affect the LRT usage and its future development. For example, the following issues may affect LRT ridership and future development differently: newly approved or planned developments, resident shifts, travel behavior changes, emerging travel alternatives provided by Transportation Network Companies (TNC), such as Uber and Lyft, and transformative technologies.



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