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Design-Build for Process Condensation and Savings

It was suggested several years ago, in response to a Commissioner's question, that the only way to eliminate the massive amount of overhead and the massive time and money to be spent on projects is to move the DOT into a design-build company. At the time, it was said that it could not be done without legislation; and legislation would not be coming. Now, however, that legislation is moving forward.

I propose that the first phase should be selecting two similar jobs of each type of project that DOT puts out. One should be done conventionally, and the other should be done using the design-build process. Once both projects of a specific type are completed, the total cost to the DOT – including all staff time and salaries including overhead for the duration of the project – along with the differences in time frame should be compared. This will prove which is the more cost effective process.

If, as I am confident it will, design-build proves to be more cost effective to the DOT; it can begin the process of restructuring itself to make the most use of the process and become more efficient in the process.



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