Dockless Bike Sharing and It's Potential to Expand Transit Catchment Areas In Reserve

Despite its early start in the 1960s and high expectations of positive contributions to the environment, health, and congestion relief, bike sharing has not made a significant impact on travel modal shift until recently, when dockless technology has been implemented in China, West Coast of US, and a few selected international locations.


A comprehensive research on dockless bike sharing is needed in order to gather information on the dockless bike sharing technology, its applications around world, and its impact on travel behavior, particularly on transit use. The research result should help NJ Transit and other government entities to develop policy and regulations on bike sharing operations in their respective jurisdictions. A proactive research will help set up objectives/expectations from all stakeholders, including but not limited to public agencies, bike sharing providers and bike sharing users.


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Archive: 2017 Ideas
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