Evaluation of New Jersey Public Use Airports

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New Jersey's airport system is one of the most unique and complex in the U.S. The State's diverse airports range in size from small general aviation airports with turf runways to Newark Liberty International Airport, one of the nation's busiest commercial airports. From Newark Liberty International Airport to the state's smallest public use turf strips, New Jersey's airport system must support all aspects of the State's air transportation needs. To meet the challenge, the State must be served by a system of well-developed, strategically located, diversified airports. Because each New Jersey public use airport contributes to the aviation system by supporting different types and levels of aviation activity, it is necessary to evaluate the present system before setting a course to identify long-term needs and future airport roles. One of the first steps in the process is to determine how the system is currently performing. The purpose of this research is to:

(1) evaluate the existing operations of public use airports in this State, including projections for continued operational sustainability of public use airports based upon current and expected market conditions;

(2) develop recommendations for infrastructure initiatives and transit programs to meet current and expected market demand for different classifications of aircraft and air transport components;

(3) develop recommendations and changes to support the continued operation of public use airports in this State, including, but not limited to, the development of new programs to ensure the continued sustainability of public use airports in New Jersey;

(4) develop State and local strategies and recommendations for growing aerospace industry sectors in the State and ensuring the economic viability of public use airports in New Jersey, including the education and training of new pilots.

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New Jersey Congress passed a 2018 Bill - A4377 that requires DOT and OIT to develop materials concerning capabilities of airports in NJ and establishes the "Public Use Airports Task Force". Within this recently approved legislation, section 2 of P.L.2019, c.483, there are 18 objectives to be undertaken. These are the first four identified within the legislation. The Task Force must present report of findings to the Governor and to the Legislature no later than 24 months after organization of task force. This research project would benefit meeting this legislative goal.


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