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How to fix the Portal Bridge and other possible single points of failure? In Reserve

The Portal Bridge, an important commuter rail bridge connecting New Jersey to the hub of New York City, is a vital component of our transportation system. When it gets stuck, commuters get delayed, complaints go up, and satisfaction with NJ TRANSIT services go down. Underfunding has delayed a bridge repair or replacement, and it may be worthwhile to look into ways of funding and creating a repair/replacement for the Portal Bridge. This bridge is an example of a bottleneck or single point of failure - if it gets stuck, then there is no way around it to get in or out of Manhattan. While the Gateway Project has been mentioned as a priority of the new administration, the bridge's issues may be a problem more urgent than what the project can handle. Research into other potential bottlenecks, such as the Lincoln Tunnel helix, is also worthwhile.


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Archive: 2018 Ideas
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