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Hydraulic Modeling for Climate Change Resiliency

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Pilot study should be undertaken to look at the impacts of climate change on NJDOT's bridge assets in a watershed that includes riverine and tidal influences, and varying topography. The analysis should look at rainfall increases, based on the NJDEP's referenced Cornell model, and give NJDOT insight on the impacts to future flow increases anticipated in the context of studied FEMA streams. The precipitation increases will allow NJDOT to determine how the rainfall increases will relate to the existing return intervals currently used in the regulations.

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Having pilot models to present to NJDEP, will help guide the discussions on how formulate the NJPACT regulations based on climate data and factors of safety. NJDEP is trying to define the FHA to account for climate change projections. By having the pilot studies available, NJDOT will be able to present a side by side analysis of how the current regulations and the proposed regulations will impact projects. Having pilot projects to present, will allow NJDOT to discuss how linear developments will be impacted by proposed NJPACT regulations.


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