Idea 2, "Project Boost" In Reserve

In Idea 2 (originally titled "Project Boost"), I propose new concepts for passenger rail systems that may provide improved performance over conventional rail systems. Specifically, the concept rail systems put forth major changes in the passenger boarding/deboarding processes in order to address the frequent and inevitable train stops that occur during conventional rail travel. With their unique design, operation, and usage, the concept rail systems are intended to create a greater continuity of movement for the train during its journey. Proper implementation of the concepts may result in maximum positive impact and minimum negative impact on all relevant performance measures such as those involving efficiency, safety, and the environment.


For complete details of this idea, please contact NJDOT Bureau of Research and request a copy of Idea 2, "Project Boost", by Naveen Penmetcha. Thank you.


Archive: 2019 Ideas
Archive: 2019 Ideas
Idea No. 154