Design and Construction

Innovative Folder Plate Truss Sign /Catenary Structure Concept

Current industry standard for design and fabrication of small format trusses (less than 8 feet across any flat dimension) typically consists of individual members which are separately cut and then welded or bolted into a truss structure. This type of structure, while popular in the industry for use as sign support structures, tolling gantries, and rail signal / catenary support structures, is also costly to produce and prone to fatigue deterioration when welded.


Modern CNC fabrication technologies from the machine fabrication industry and steel brake bending practices used to produce multi-sided tubular structures in the power industry are well established in their own fields,but the infrastructure industry has not yet recognized their advantages or attempted to adopt them. Based on recent research, it is possible to quickly and cost effectively fabricate trusses either in small quantities or large volumes using brake bent folded plates that would be immune to welded joint fatigue issues and would reduce fabrication costs of these types of structures possibly by as much as 50% or more.



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