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Innovative materials for subgrade reinforcement in New Jersey In Reserve

The engineering characteristics of subgrade materials are important to the integrity and serviceability of pavement. The most critical characteristics include load bearing capacity and volumetric change. The subgrade must be able to support loads applied on pavement without excessive deformation, and able to maintain its volumetric structure under severe temperature and groundwater level variations. To enhance the shear strength and durability of the subgrade material, most existing techniques resort to the usage of cement binders, which is expensive and environment-unfriendly. The potential of applying innovative materials (e.g., geo-synthetic materials, recycled materials, industrial wastes, biological materials) for subgrade reinforcement in NJ requires further study. It is desired to find out the most suitable technique under the considerations of local material availability, traffic factors, and geotechnical and environmental conditions.


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Archive: 2018 Ideas
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