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Integrating Real-Time Traffic Data with NJDOT Signal PerformanceMeasurement System In Reserve

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The NJDOT is currently piloting the FHWA ATSPM (Advanced Traffic Signal Performance Measure) system with modifications made to take in the existing NJDOT InSync and SCATS controller data. The modifications addressed the limitations of the FHWA version of ATSPM system of only accepting data from high-resolution traffic signal controllers. However, there are still a significant number of existing NJDOT low-resolution signals that are not part of the InSync or SCATS system that are not connected and not compatible with FHWA ATSPM system.


NJDOT has been active in installing and maintaining real-time traffic data feeds (e.g. TRANSCOM), detectors (Wavetronix, Bluetooth, Inrix and HERE high-resolution probe data), and intersection CCTV traffic cameras. Many of these data sources have the potential of being used as an alternative to providing high-resolution event data (e.g. red arrivals, mid-block detection, queue detection) that can be fed into the ATSPM systems. Furthermore, with the integrated roadway performance data, the ATSPM system can generate real-time congestion and signal condition alerts that can assist the real-time operations and decision-making at NJDOT Arterial Management Centers.


The research tasks will include exploring the potential data sources, data processing methods, system engineering, and prototype applications towards integration of real-time traffic data with the pilot NJDOT ATSPM systems. The targeted traffic signals include not only those currently connected to NJDOT AMC through InSync and SCATS system but also other signals that are currently being or to-be monitored with fixed or mobile detectors, and CCTV traffic cameras.

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The outcome of the proposed research can help enhance and expand the capabilities of the NJDOT ATSPM system pilot system. The integration with real-time sensor data will provide NJDOT arterial management crew with powerful tools for their real-time decision making to monitor, manage, and maintain NJDOT signal systems.


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