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Interference Channel for Dampening of Large Ocean Waves

When facing large ocean waves such as storm surges or tsunamis, there is little that can protect against the damage they cause. I am proposing to study the construction of a channel to separate out a portion of the incoming waves, alter the timing of their arrival and recombine them to cause interference that will dampen the strength of the incoming waves. This concept is done in the study of light. Physicists use polarizers to separate the two different polarizations. One has its timing altered by a slightly different length path. When they are combine, the two interfere with each other.


The concept of using interference to dampen wave strength is a common practice is fighting noise. I believe that a study into using interference to dampen large ocean waves could lead to a significant reduction in damage do to storms (and tsunamis for areas where they are a threat). The reduction in rescue, reconstruction, and cleanup costs would be significant enough to warrant a study of the possibility.



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