Newark Light Rail Origin-Destination and Intermodal Choice Study In Reserve

A two-part study is proposed: 1) a survey of the customers of the NJ TRANSIT Newark Light Rail Line (NRL) to understand their trip patterns and socio-economic characteristics, and 2) a survey of automobile drivers exiting I-280 at Exit 13 in Newark to understand their trip patterns and socio-economic characteristics, as a case study for improving intermodal travel options.


Part I (NRL) will provide information for NJ TRANSIT to understand customer needs and also provide required data for USDOT Title VI compliance monitoring. The survey will be completed for all stations and for weekday (e.g.: 6am to 4pm) and weekend travel on the NRL. In particular, emphasis will be placed on how NRL customers access the stations and thereby identify opportunities to improve intermodal trips. Part II of the study (Exit 13 survey) will provide additional information to dimension the potential intermodal market among automobile drivers and passengers and opportunities to increase use of the nearby Orange Street NRL station for trips to Newark’s universities, downtown business district, or PATH and NJ TRANSIT rail services at Newark Penn Station. In addition, the data from the Exit 13 market will be compared to customers that board at other NRL stations.


Major tasks include: survey design; field distribution and data collection; data cleaning, coding and processing; statistical analysis; and reporting. Data collection may be done by an appropriate combination of mail-back, web, and on-board surveying of the NRL riders. Automobile users may be surveyed by distribution of mail-back, web, or other instruments.


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Archive: 2017 Ideas
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