Safety Management

Pedestrian Walkway over Lalor St and 129. In Reserve

The pedestrians in the Lalor Street area need a safer route across the 129 highway. The Senior Housing is on one side of 129 and the Shopping center that includes a grocery store, a Dunkin Donuts, a bank, a pizza restaurant are on the other side. Crossing guards are on duty during the day but I believe the time has come to look toward a safer and more permanent solution for both the

safety of pedestrians as well as improving mobility for residents to walk freely and regularly. Most residents in that area are elderly and are intimated by the traffic. Providing a standard ( much like a train station walkway) pedestrian walkway with an elevator for disabled and elderly folks would be ideal. The number of accidents and fatalities of pedestrians would be completely eliminated and the need for a crossing guard would also no longer be necessary. Perhaps federal money could be marshaled for this endeavor as the population in that area is urban, minority based and under served.

Idea Submitted by Rosanne Fairbanks

Why is this a priority and what are the benefits for the State/County/City?

Construction of a safe walkway is a priority as it will save lives first and foremost but it also will provide a better link to businesses and commerce on both sides of the highway. Residents with children may be able to safely take their children for a walk in the park along the river. Businesses in the Lalor Market will also benefit as more customers will surely frequent the stores in the plaza as well as the restaurants in the that area. It will be a win win and money well spent.


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Archive: 2018 Ideas
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