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Rollers on guide rails In Reserve

We know how important it is to have a guide rail on turnings. When big trucks or cars lose their control and hit the guide rail its important to have a strong guide rail even on the bridge if the guide rails and not strong enough it may cause a big accident and vehicle can roll over from the road. so instead of focusing on guide rail, I found if we can put rollers on guide rail colors it will divert the impact force into motion in the same direction and more chance to save a vehicle from the big accidents.

Idea Submitted by Sushant Darji

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As a state worker, I know the importance and cost of the guide rail and when we are talking about safety it's very much important to have guide rails on turns and bridges.

So by using this idea (Rollers in the guide rail's columns) we can decrease the number of ACCIDENTS near guide rails. and save drivers' lives and reduce the amount of injury too. Also, this idea will not cost you more in a modification in guide rails. So it's easy to install and very helpful.

I can share the draft design too for this idea.


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