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Satellite-Based Bridge Inspection

Dr. Pietro Milillo (currently working with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory) is working on a method of performing bridge inspections using, "computer modeling and high-resolution satellite images to detect subtle shifts in a bridge's structure that could indicate that it's starting to fail." (as stated by Jaclyn Jeffrey-Wilensky in her article at https://www.nbcnews.com/mach/science/tragic-bridge-collapse-spurs-creation-new-space-based-inspection-method-ncna1028281 ) With the number of structures in NJ, especially those in rural areas not controlled by NJDOT, we should jump on this research. It should be possible to use this technology to generate a list of potentially dangerous structures and use it to focus our inspection forces on those first. for more information, please read Jaclyn Jeffery-Wilensky's article regarding the ground breaking research.



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