Safety Management

Using computer simulation guiding heavy vehicles for traffic safety on roads

Using geographic information systems, artificial intelligence, and computer-aid-design to infer safety choices for heavy vehicle routing and scheduling methods. We are at the early edge of developing an information system for generating/assigning heavy vehicle trips in terms of time and space.

Heavy-vehicle routing choices could be managed aligned with job site schedule planning. It would thus be able to prevent neighborhoods from unintended invasive drivings so as to mitigate potential risks towards pedestrians and cyclists among cities when multidisciplinary agencies collaboration such as transportation agencies and building administrations.

Idea Submitted by Jessie Ya-Ting Ho

List your Agency /Division / Bureau, County, City Univ. or Other SUNY-University at Buffalo, Civil Engineering

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Heavy vehicle issue occurrences used to be unpredictable by current rules whilst involving more harm than other vehicles on roads. This research idea provides an practical approach for measuring the uncertainty in a possible way in order to keep traffic safety while developing urban areas. And it also matches the concern of "Preparing Today for a Resilient Tomorrow."


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