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Virtual Reality State Highway System (VRSHS)

There are many different companies that use various types of road mapping hardware/software for their respective purposes. This technology could be utilized for multiple purposes that would benefit both the DOT and the public. All of these purposes would be achieved by the creation of a Virtual Reality State Highway System (VRSHS).


I propose that the NJDOT contract with one of these companies to utilize their technology, in conjunction with GPS data and imagery (such as that used by google earth) to create the VRSHS. This would benefit the DOT because as new projects are designed (being done fully three dimensional within CADD) that data could be added to the VRSHS to create a virtual display for the public benefit when soliciting input regarding new projects. The VRSHS could also be utilized by self-driving software to compare the expected with what is seen by the vehicles sensors. This would make such software more efficient in identifying pedestrians and other dangerous obstacles. The virtual environment will also be utilizable for virtual sight visits when planning future projects and during concept development. This tool will allow engineers to plan where to focus real sight visits and allow for a more efficient use of such time.



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