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Traffic & Safety

Heads-up prior to on-ramps

Did you ever drive onto an on-ramp and go around the bend only to see that the highway is actually a linear parking lot? Didn't you wish that you had a heads-up with that information so you could have not taken the ramp and maybe had a meal or made a pit stop while planning an alternate route (or time) for the trip? DOT can place a traffic camera showing live traffic on the highway (attach it to the bridge) and... more »


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Operations & Preservation

Evaluation of Driver Assist Features in Minibuses

There is growing public interest in new technologies that make motor vehicle travel safer and more convenient. These systems of increasing complexity and vehicular control are commonly described by Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) as "Levels" 0 or no assistance, to 5 or complete automation with no navigation or vehicular control by a human driver. The vision is that increasing levels of driver assistance can avoid... more »


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