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Planning & Environment

Measuring the Benefits of Green Streets in New Jersey

Green streets use green infrastructure practices within the public right-of-way to manage stormwater while preserving the primary function of a street as a conduit for vehicles, pedestrians, bicyclists, and transit riders. In a densely populated state like New Jersey, the management of stormwater runoff is an important consideration for developed areas as impervious surfaces like roofs, roads and parking lots prevent... more »


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Traffic & Safety

Pedestrian signal lights trending idea

The pedestrian signal lights should correspond to the universal traffic signal colors. Red to stop and Green to cross. In New Jersey and some other states, the colors are orange to stop and white to go. Those colors may not be easily recognized in another language. Crossing a street should not make you hesitate to think if it is safe or not. The universal color of Red and Green will elicit a quicker response when faced... more »


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