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Safety Management

Bike-Friendly Resurfacing Program

DVRPC analyzes the priority of road segments for bike facilities and the Level of Traffic Stress for bicycles, then conducts feasibility screenings in-house and with PennDOT. DVRPC and county planning staff coordinate extensively with municipal officials to facilitate an official letter of request to PennDOT, who then designs and incorporates the bike facility improvements as part of regularly scheduled resurfacing projects.... more »

Idea Submitted by Dan Hutton

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Why is this a priority and what are the benefits for the State/County/City?

#1 Cost-savings: You incorporate bike facilities into the pavement (where appropriate) during the scheduled resurfacing and do not have to do it at a later date.


#2 Bicycle Safety: NJ is a designated pedestrian/bicycle focus state by FHWA. This designation is given for having the highest fatality rates in the nation. This should be more than enough evidence.


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