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Safety Management

Ped Path Edited

Due to the inadequate alternate Pedestrian Paths placed (if at all) during construction detours there is a need for clearly marked, brightly colored and easily identifiable Ped Paths, 

 To be constructed of a durable material, preferably a recycled rubber from tires, yellow base color, in a Detectable Warning Surface fashion with raised ridges and bumps, sockets (holes) for inserting rods with extendable interlocking... more »

Idea Submitted by Paul Yennior

List your Agency /Division / Bureau, County, City Univ. or Other NJDOT North Region Construction

Idea Champion - Who at NJDOT, NJ Transit or NJ Motor Vehicle? (if known) Paul Yennior C&M Tech 1

Why is this a priority and what are the benefits for the State/County/City?

Safety of Pedestrian Traffic and Reduced Labor Costs.


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