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Newark Light Rail Origin-Destination and Intermodal Choice Study In Reserve

A two-part study is proposed: 1) a survey of the customers of the NJ TRANSIT Newark Light Rail Line (NRL) to understand their trip patterns and socio-economic characteristics, and 2) a survey of automobile drivers exiting I-280 at Exit 13 in Newark to understand their trip patterns and socio-economic characteristics, as a case study for improving intermodal travel options.

Part I (NRL) will provide information for NJ... more »

Idea Submitted by Susan O’Donnell; Senior Director, Business Analysis & Market Research

List your Agency /Division / Bureau, County, City Univ. or Other NJ TRANSIT

Idea Champion - Who at NJDOT, NJ Transit or NJ Motor Vehicle? (if known) John D. Dean; Program Director, Research & Community Mobility, NJ TRANSIT

Why is this a priority and what are the benefits for the State/County/City?

This project is a priority for NJ TRANSIT as Federal DOT and FTA requirements call for customer O-D surveys to be completed on a 3 to 5-year cycle, and the last survey of the NRL was conducted in 2007. In addition, the information gained on station access and egress, including identification of market size and opportunities to increase intermodal trips at NRL stations, would improve NJ TRANSIT’s cost-effectiveness, provide new mobility for customers, and help reduce excess traffic congestion and vehicular exhaust in Newark neighborhoods.

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Archive: 2017 Ideas