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Hover cars In Reserve

With the advent of driverless cars and electric cars and drones, we need to look towards the future. People have successfully made drones that can carry one person plus baggage and fly at over 60 mph under controlled flight. As these vehicles get more powerful and larger, we will have the ability to have hover cars. No more worrying about potholes! Maybe?

A study needs to be done to determine how this type of vehicle... more »

Idea Submitted by Nicole Einthoven

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Why is this a priority and what are the benefits for the State/County/City?

This is a priority because these types of vehicles already exist, there will be more innovation, and people will want to test them on real roads just like driverless cars are being tested on real roads and just like corporations would like to deliver packages and pizza via drone.
Traffic lights will apply to hover cars regardless of their height above the ground. Pedestrian collisions are a concern. Landing safely in a parking spot at a crowded mall could be a challenge with grounded cars vying for the same spot. Will the FAA try to regulate them? What about overhead road signs? What about power and phone wires? We need to start / continue thinking about this so we can be ready when hover cars are viable products on the market.

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