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Multi-Modal Circulation in and around Hoboken Terminal In Reserve

On a daily basis, approximately 10,000 pedestrians walk or bicycle from the City of Hoboken to the Hoboken Terminal, with many people heading to the PATH Station and others headed to the trains, buses, light rail or ferry. The pedestrians, cyclists and motorists (including private autos, taxis, transportation network company vehicles like Uber and Lyft, trucks and buses) make the area around the Hoboken Terminal very... more »

Idea Submitted by Susan O'Donnell

List your Agency /Division / Bureau, County, City Univ. or Other NJ TRANSIT, Market Research

Idea Champion - Who at NJDOT, NJ Transit or NJ Motor Vehicle? (if known) Alan Kearns, NJ TRANSIT Capital Planning

Why is this a priority and what are the benefits for the State/County/City?

As Hoboken continues to change and transportation and pedestrian needs both compliment and compete with each other, solutions to provide safe and efficient pedestrian paths should be developed. The project will provide pedestrian flow data on streets around Hoboken Terminal which will be used to coordinate with the city and facilitate design between modes within and adjacent to the terminal. Modes include: Train, light rail, ferry, PATH, bus, taxi, jitney as well as pedestrians.

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Archive: 2018 Ideas