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Connection and Expansion of the Newark Light Rail with Existing Rail Infrastructure In Reserve

Utilizing the existing rail infrastructure of the surrounding urban-suburban areas, connect the Newark Light rail with points north. Using a defunct section of the Erie R.R along the north section of Branch Brook Park to connect the existing Newark Light Rail to a portion of the Norfolk and Southern that runs along the Passaic River. Connecting to the Norfolk and Southern owned portion would further connect the system... more »

Idea Submitted by Austin Tooker

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Why is this a priority and what are the benefits for the State/County/City?

This would utilize existing structures to allow for alternative travel to and through Newark. As New Jersey's largest city and a growing one for that matter, transportation is crucial for city development. The Newark City Subway or Lightrail is connected to universities, major corporations, cultural activities, and nightlife. To reduce traffic from these northern Essex and Southern Passaic County locations, providing efficent light rail service will reduce the need for traffic-creating motor vehicles. Current methods of travel to from these areas to Newark rely on buses which are subject to traffic and overcrowding. Since there is an existing right of way, residents will have direct access to Newark Penn station and connections there; as well as, Clifton station and points north and south. Currently, riders who's final destination from Clifton is Newark Penn Station are required to travel to Secaucus and transfer before arriving in Newark. Under this plan, there would be a one-seat ride through Newark to Penn Station

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