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Analyzing the Impact of Transit-Oriented Developments on Transit Usage In Reserve

While there is a broad consensus that TODs induce additional ridership on the transit system, the actual net impact remains unclear. This project will seek to survey residents of TODs to determine how their trip patterns have shifted and to explore the attitudes, values and preferences in the choice of living adjacent to a transit station or stop. An additional task may seek to survey customers of TOD retail. The results... more »

Idea Submitted by Susan O'Donnell

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Idea Champion - Who at NJDOT, NJ Transit or NJ Motor Vehicle? (if known) Mathew Safer, Sr. Director of Demand Forecasting and Research

Why is this a priority and what are the benefits for the State/County/City?

NJ Transit is frequently asked to assess the impact of TODs on transit ridership and parking demand. While we utilize anecdotal evidence and national examples to generate impacts from new developments, we have no firm data on the impact of these developments in New Jersey. As more redevelopment takes place adjacent to transit facilities, this data will help create better estimates of ridership changes and reductions in parking demand.

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Archive: 2018 Ideas