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Comprehensive Market Segmentation Study In Reserve

NJ TRANSIT would like to conduct a comprehensive market segmentation study to identify and quantify discrete personas of both riders and non-riders of our system, in order to develop new products, services and compelling marketing campaigns to drive ridership and revenue.

Idea Submitted by Susan O'Donnell, Senior Director for Business Analysis and Research

List your Agency /Division / Bureau, County, City Univ. or Other NJ TRANSIT

Idea Champion - Who at NJDOT, NJ Transit or NJ Motor Vehicle? (if known) Vaughan Williams, Chief Marketing Officer, NJ TRANSIT

Why is this a priority and what are the benefits for the State/County/City?

In short, this high priority study will help NJ TRANSIT understand why customers choose, or do not choose, to use NJ TRANSIT for their transportation needs.NJ TRANSIT seeks funding to conduct fielding, segmentation modeling, and delivery of both a segmentation model and typing tool.

We believe the return on investment (ROI) on such a study, through the increased revenue, ridership, loyalty and efficiencies it would generate, could exceed 10:1.

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Archive: 2019 Ideas